Covalent Data is the leader in innovation intelligence, featuring the world’s most comprehensive and accurate collection of content illuminating the global innovation landscape. By stitching together disparate sets of public and private data, we make it possible to trace the journey of invention from the earliest stages of research through successful commercialization. We enable researchers to showcase their expertise, institutions to market their assets, foundations to evaluate grant applicants, and licensing professionals to discover groundbreaking technologies. Through the Covalent Data platform, all participants in the innovation ecosystem can efficiently track trends, analyze opportunities, and connect with each other.


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Will Butler

Sarah munro 2e7c6a3bcc9bc5db8242af5bd0693059b0577117d8e4ddd9ad6d3a6f2c5ad7c1

Sarah Munro
Software Engineer

Tim oliver c0bec12cfd79d83eb336524618e869fb70a8534739e6a7c260e34a66523f0947

Tim Oliver