“I just won’t sleep,” I decided. There were so many other interesting things to do.”
— Jack Kerouac, On the Road

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And so began an important pilgrimage for Collective IP, from a mile high in Denver, Colorado down to the tip of southern California where the locals flirt with the Mexican border. So important a journey that our entire team attended, from engineering and R&D, to sales and marketing and every member of management. We all converged upon balmy and breezy San Diego to attend the 2014 BIO International Conference, where the global biotech community meets, connecting the people, companies and innovations that help fulfill the promise of life science technology.

We postulated in advance of attending BIO that demonstrating our novel Innovation Intelligence platform at the worlds largest life science business development and partnering meeting would yield invaluable intel and validation of our product design, data input organization and mapping capabilities, search and diligence solutions, monitoring functionality, analysis features, as well as enable us to accumulate additional product requests and acquire product price sensitivity feedback.

Having some forty formal one-on-one meetings scheduled prior to our arrival, combined with countless potential new customer interactions at our exhibitor booth, robust attendance at our happy hour reception (given the slew of evening activity options available), and the daily informal networking activities such as the opening night fireworks filled reception aboard the USS Midway…

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…to the Gaslamp receptions and the numerous impromptu connections made while waiting in lines, across the expansive exhibitor floor and in the many seminar sessions all totaled ample opportunity to gather comments from the users who populate both sides of the global innovation marketplace.

Our core product, the CIP profile — a unique body-of-work organization of previously uncorrelated data sets — is delivered in three flavors: i. Research Institute profile, ii. Inventor profile, and iii. Company profile. Throughout the Conference we received on the spot requests to “claim” or obtain access to edit and enrich profiles from each representative owner concomitant with the “why” access is desired, and not surprisingly there was no shortage of the “what would also be great is the ability to do X, Y and Z” feedback. These consistent reactions derived from our addressable market confer that our technical achievements have led us to the first and only comprehensive organization of global innovation.

There were many big picture themes at this years BIO conference: from the convergence of life science and software, to the accelerating precision of personalized medicine, to the increasing role of nontraditional capital — such as venture philanthropy and public-private partnerships — for early-stage (spin-out) start-ups.

From our lens it is clear that solving intractable deadly diseases requires a coordinated cooperation between a diverse array of participatory groups, from faculty inventors, granting agencies, technology transfer offices, venture and other institutional investors, foundations and patient advocacy groups, and of course industry, which spans large and small bio and pharma.

If the week spent at BIO were to be crystallized down to a single thematic takeaway, it is that there exists considerable inefficiencies between the multifarious parties who are all uniquely involved in the derivation, identification and execution of partnering technologies, of any stage.

Compressing time, saving money, accelerating connectivity and creating order out of an unstructured ecosystem are all pain points that the Collective IP Innovation Intelligence platform solves, and our value proposition was illuminated for a large portion of the 15,000+ attendees at this years BIO Convention.

While sixteen hour days were the norm in San Diego there were just too many interesting product demos to provide and conversations to be had, and like Sal Paradise, sleep for us in California was not part of our calculus.