Collective IP Analysis | BioMarin Acquisition of Prosensa

On November 24th rare disease drug maker BioMarin Pharmaceuticals announced it was buying Prosensa for $840MM plus approval milestones. Prosensa has no marketed products but is in the late stages of obtaining approval for its lead drug candidate, drisapersen, for a rare form of muscular dystrophy. BioMarin will pay Prosensa shareholders an additional $80MM if drisapersen receives… Read more »

What Do Business Development Executives Need to Know About the Inter Partes Review Process?

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There has been much discussion about inter partes review among patent professionals recently. The legal complexities can quickly multiply. The following are what we consider to be some of the very basic points that business development executives searching for patents to license need to understand about this process: What is Inter Partes Review (IPR)?  Inter… Read more »

Industry:Academic Collaborations Fuel the Innovation Engine

Two mega-trends are reshaping the global biomedical research landscape: (1) In the U.S. the largest benefactor of early-stage life science research dollars is the National Institutes of Health (NIH); NIH budgets began stagnating after 2003 and declining in 2010 (2) U.S. Big Pharma has been reducing their R&D budgets consistently over the past several years;… Read more »

Google, VCs and Accelerating Discoveries out of Academic Labs

Johns Hopkins University and Google are partnering to bring ideas from the engineering school to market. While some observers may view this development as evidence that the traditional tech transfer system is failing, we view it as a positive development. We have long argued that universities are creating licensable ideas at an incredible pace, and… Read more »

Incubating Hard Science Startups for Critical Human Needs

Peter Thiel’s Breakout Labs Shows A New Way Forward The traditional seed funding model rule-of-thumb, at least according to legendary tech investor Fred Wilson, is about discovering *product market fit*. “The first step is building a product, getting it into the market, and finding product market fit. I think that’s what seed financing should be… Read more »

Supporting Startup Ecosystems: Capacity, Collaboration and Capital

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In previous posts we discussed the challenges facing startups seeking to commercialize science originating from universities and research institutes, and pointed to how local startup ecosystems can aid in this process. This recent Techcrunch article about startup activity in Seattle shows how the University of Washington and the City of Seattle are working together to… Read more »

On the Road with CIP: #BIO2014 San Diego Recap

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“I just won’t sleep,” I decided. There were so many other interesting things to do.” — Jack Kerouac, On the Road And so began an important pilgrimage for Collective IP, from a mile high in Denver, Colorado down to the tip of southern California where the locals flirt with the Mexican border. So important a… Read more »

Profile Spotlight | Columbia University

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Each week Collective IP highlights a particular profile, either a company, an investigator or technology transfer office. Today we shine the light upon Columbia University:   Profile: About A leading academic and research university, Columbia University continually seeks to advance the frontiers of knowledge and to foster a campus community deeply engaged in understanding… Read more »