Incubating Hard Science Startups for Critical Human Needs

Peter Thiel’s Breakout Labs Shows A New Way Forward The traditional seed funding model rule-of-thumb, at least according to legendary tech investor Fred Wilson, is about discovering *product market fit*. “The first step is building a product, getting it into the market, and finding product market fit. I think that’s what seed financing should be… Read more »

Supporting Startup Ecosystems: Capacity, Collaboration and Capital

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In previous posts we discussed the challenges facing startups seeking to commercialize science originating from universities and research institutes, and pointed to how local startup ecosystems can aid in this process. This recent Techcrunch article about startup activity in Seattle shows how the University of Washington and the City of Seattle are working together to… Read more »

As Tech Investors and Accelerators Expand Investment Theses to Include the Life Sciences A Key Tech v. Bio Distinction Must be Understood

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There has been a lot of excitement over the announcement that a leading tech incubator — Y Combinator — is moving into the life sciences. We think this is great news and agree with the various plaudits for the move. There has also been criticism, as well as take-down of that criticism, both are conveniently… Read more »

U.S. Innovation and Entrepreneurship is on the Decline: Tech Transfer, Supported by Research Institutions and Local Ecosystems is the Solution

A slew of recent articles are pointing to data and suggesting that America is losing its entrepreneurial edge, and that American entrepreneurship is slowly dying. Harvard Business Review: Why America is Losing its Entrepreneurial Edge 538 Economics: The Slow Death of American Entrepreneurship Christian Science Monitor: Wither US Entrepreneurs? A Key Engine of Economic Growth… Read more »

Entrepreneurial Ecosystems, Incubators and the Tech Transfer Process

According to the National Business Incubation Association, there were over 1,250 incubators in the United States as of October 2012 (!), and that number surely grew in 2013. By way of comparison there were just 12 incubators in the United States in 1980. Incubators are often one component of a larger entrepreneurial ecosystem consisting of… Read more »