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Organizing the innovation ecosystem to accelerate the development of the world’s most promising new technologies.

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Covalent Data supports a network of stakeholders throughout the innovation lifecycle, from discovery through commercialization. Learn more about how we support your role.

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Industry & Investors

Identify available technologies and analyze trends.

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Research Institutions

Promote available assets and attract industry partners.

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Foundations & Agencies

Achieve greater insight into grant awardee productivity.

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Research Scientists

Showcase expertise to funding sources and industry partners.

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Covalent Data offers the world’s most comprehensive and accurate collection of content illuminating the innovation landscape.

We assemble an extensive set of public and private content contributed by our network of stakeholders. Then we apply sophisticated machine-learning algorithms and crowd-sourced intelligence to stitch together previously disparate data elements into a single easy-to-explore platform.

As a result, Covalent Data makes it possible to trace the journey of invention from early ideation to supported research, to publication and patenting, and finally to technology assets acquired or licensed by industry.

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Free profiles for innovators

Innovators are encouraged to claim their free Covalent Data profiles. We do heavy lifting for you, linking you to your body of research; you can verify, correct, and establish new connections. You then have the opportunity to highlight research relating to licensable technologies and work for which you are seeking additional funding. Contribute conference posters, presentation abstracts, data sets — even rich media such as videos.

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Verify platform-identified profile connections and content links to related research activities.

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Provide biographical details and descriptions of your research. Add additional rich media describing your findings.

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Link to your profile using website badges and favicons. Receive and respond to online inquiries into your work.

Powerful tools for evaluators.

Tech scouts, grant reviewers, and investors rely upon Covalent Data to explore the full story behind technologies under consideration for licensing, support, and acquisition. Powerful search tools combine with rich content links to present a complete picture of a field of research. Custom alerts ensure that you never miss important developments within your areas of interest. Robust analytics provide deeper insights into trends. Collaboration features enable connections with colleagues and subject matter experts.

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Discover fb84842dfb09b01e00078ed1a4ffc7aff643c7a22dcb86b46d9ea3bd99a29de9


Find a plethora of content related to a technology and stay current with custom alerts.

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Study trends and gain insights into the connections among technologies.

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Connect to experts on the platform and share your discoveries with colleagues.